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Our founder Holly Roberts has been cooking for years before moving into the Peggy Crosby Center.

Holly sold us the business in December 2016 and agreed to run the business until we move permanently to Highlands. 

We are Dan and Suzanne Young. After some training from Holly and learning the ins and outs of “The Kitchen”, we are thrilled to continue serving Holly’s regulars and new arrivals that are looking for amazing food. 

Dan Young grew up in Highlands, his family has owned Wits End since 1940, he loves the area and is glad to be back. Suzanne Young, was a Culinary Arts Instructor and has been in the restaurant business for 34 years and is excited to put her experience to work at The Kitchen Carry Away and Catering LLC.

But don’t worry all those yummy food items you have come to know on the Kitchen menu are going to stay.

The Kitchen Carry Away and Catering LLC