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The Kitchen was founded by Holly Roberts , a well known local back in 2000.

Her great recipes and delicous food made her a house hold staple in Highlands. 

​In December of 2016, we were lucky enough to purchase it from her.
We are Dan and Suzanne Young. After some training from Holly and learning the ins and outs of “The Kitchen”, we are thrilled to continue serving Holly’s regulars and new arrivals that are looking for amazing food. 

Dan Young grew up in Highlands, his family has owned Wits End since 1940, he loves the area and is glad to be back. Suzanne, was a Culinary Arts Instructor and has been in the restaurant business for 34 years and is enjoying being back in the kitchen and serving her new customers and the community.
But don’t worry all those yummy food items you have come to know on the Kitchen menu have stayed and we have even added some new favorites.